Akande Akin Sanyaolu

Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) / Principal Consultant

Sanyaolu Akin Akande obtained Bachelors and Master’s degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He is an astute leader, mentor and a philantropist especially in area of academic support to indigent youths in the society through his pet project: Academics Crusade Foundation (ACCO FOUNDATION) as the President.

His sojourn in agriculture has taken him through NIHORT, Leventis Foundation Ilesha, Cocoa research institute, International institute for tropical Agriculture, different seminars and workshops at different times and also leadership training programme in Nigeria. He had a short string in the management consulting field with Softskills Management Consultants, now Kainos edge consulting. He is a certified project manager, web blogger and political analyst.

He is happily married with Children.

Ogbonna Nnamdi Vincent

Agricultural Consultant

Ogbonna holds a bachelor's degree in wildlife management from the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo state. He is a result driven person with focus at making positive impact towards organisational transformation.
Over the years, Ogbonna has attended seminars and workshops on agricultural production, organic farming.
He also organised seminar on:

  1. 1. Government policies and it's effect on rural farmers.
  2. 2. Oil palm production.

He joined Boldan Agro Ventures in 2012 as an agricultural consultant.
He's happily married.

Kazeem Oluwafemi Amodu

Field Consultant

Kazeem Oluwafemi Amodu joined Boldan Agro Ventures in 2013. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Crop Protection and Environmental Biology from the prestigious University of Ibadan in 2012.

Over the years, he has had various necessary experiences that has lead to improvement of his human capital development. He works as a field consultant in Boldan Agro which to a large extent improved the company's feedback on project monitoring and evaluation.

He is happily married with Children.

Joseph N. Juliet


Juliet holds a bachelor's degree in Fisheries management from the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo state. She also has a Masters degree in Fisheries nutrition and management from the University of Ibadan.
She has attended seminars on Aquaculture Development in western Africa and also organised seminars on:
1. Conversion of aquaculture solid waste to single cell proteins for fish feed.
2. Fish feed formulation.

She joined Boldan Agro Ventures in 2012 as an agricultural supervisory consultant.
She is happily married.

Adekunle-Jimoh Jaabir Muyiwa


Jaabir holds a bachelor's degree in Crop Protection and Environmental Biology and a Master of Environmental Biology(Toxicology) from the University of Ibadan,Oyo State,Nigeria. He has conducted researches and attended conferences on pesticides,heavy metals and afflatoxins in Agricultural produce in Nigeria and France. He is a member of Nigeria society for plant protection.
He has organised seminars and farm outreaches on:
1. Farmer's compliance with pesticides permissible limits in crops and livestock.
2. Fish hatchery,Fingerlings,Apiary and Snailery Management.

He Joined Boldan Agro Ventures in 2015 as an Agricultural Consultant/Supervisor.
He is happily married.

Adelakun, Okikiola Titilope

Marketing Consultant

Okikiola holds a HND from the Lagos state polytechnic, Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria.

She strives hard to attain maximum height with outstanding result by working in a dynamic and challenging organization that encourages and reward creative thinking, and also provides excellent career opportunities which embraces cutting edge technology.

She Joined Boldan Agro Ventures in 2018.

She is happily married.

Mr Oliver Ofongo

Procurement Officer

Mr Oliver Ofongo is an experienced personnel in the Agribusiness value chain. His wealth of experience in Agribusiness, marketing, salesmanship, and Agribusiness value chain evaluation and management earned him recommendations, and subsequent employment as the Procurement Officer at our organization.

His contributions in the business and investment activities in our organization are highly commendation.

He is an asset to this organization.

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