We deliver quality services based on the commitment and passion of our experienced staff members. Our services includes;

  • Business Plans and Feasibility Report Preparation

  • Farm Land Establishment and Management

  • Livestock Pen Construction

  • Irrigation Construction

  • Land Clearing and Bulldozen

  • Farm Land, Homes and Offices Fumigation, Cleaning and Horticultural Designs and Management

  • Farm Land Sales of reasonable prices nationwide

  • Land Survey Mapping, Registration and Procurement of C of O

  • Agricultural Produce Supplies, Marketing and Distribution e.g; Eggs supplies at affordable Prices, Charcoal and Wood supplies for Cooking at occasions, Maize supplies, Plantain supplies and Suckers, Palm Kernel seeds supplies, Cassava, Cocoyam supplies including PKC and PKO e.t.c

  • General Agricultural Business Consulting, Training and Seminars for all intending Agro Based owners in any Agricultural Business Enterprises such as Fisheries establishment, Plantain Sucker Multiplication Techniques, Snailry, Grasscutter farming, Poultry, Piggery and Cattle Management including Practical Farming.

Our Oppurtunities

Our clients stand the chance of enjoying so many benefits